The First Book of Management

About the author

Chris Croft spends half his time travelling around doing training courses in various subjects: Project Management, Time Management, Leadership, Team away days and outdoor weekends in the New Forest, etc.

The other half of my time is spent running the Croft Management Centre with my colleague Jeremy Hamilton – this organisation specialises in accredited management courses, for example a Certificate in Management where one of our tutors visits you once a month and teaches a group of about 15 people for a day – then after about 6 months and a few assignments the group each get a level 4 or 5 qualification in management. We can also provide a Diploma in Management (a DMS) which takes a little longer, and is equivalent to two thirds of an MBA. We believe that we are better than universities and colleges because we are obsessive about customer care, we are more flexible (you can choose dates, customise assignments, select subjects covered etc), we have better lecturers (email me and I’ll explain why) and we’re cheaper, because we don’t have a college’s infrastructure to support. I don’t really like the expression ‘no-brainer’ but…

If you want to know more about these courses email Chris at

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Chapter 1   - The Captain Of The Ship
Chapter 2   - Wandering About
Chapter 3   – Difficult Jack
Chapter 4   - Dr. Evil
Chapter 5   - Knowledge is Power
Chapter 6   - Destruction
Chapter 7   - A real friend
Chapter 8   - Teams from Hell
Chapter 9   - Dangerous Roy
Chapter 10 - Bob vs. Bob
Chapter 11 - Own Goals